Wasting too much time wondering how to use
 Social Media to grow your Natural medicine practice?
What if it was all done for you?
Expand your reach, engage your 
patient-base, and book new clients
...the easy way
Done-for-you Monthly Marketing Package
Without a strategic online presence, 
you’re missing out on new patients, 
a full calendar, and thousands of 
dollars in revenue.
Did you know that Facebook has over 
2 Billion users every day?

Facebook messenger is fast becoming a 
a preferred way to communicate with businesses

Instagram is growing rapidly and has over 
800 million daily users  (100 million since April)

People are looking for a doctor just like YOU!
And if you aren’t building your brand online, then you’re not reaching enough people, making a big enough impact, or making enough money. 

It today’s economy, there’s so much information available online—and patients are much more informed about their options.

And this means two things:
1. Patients want to be treated with Natural, Functional and integrative           medicine (you are the doctors they are looking for).
2. Patients want to know, like, and trust you and your brand (before they            even book a consultation!)

Bottom line? If you want to grow your practice and book out your calendar, you need to establish an online presence, reach your ideal market on social media, and establish trust with future patients.

There’s just one problem…

 Growing your practice with digital marketing feels complicated, overwhelming, and time-consuming.
(and you’re already busy with assessments, charting, and running a business!)
In order to build the know like and trust factor with your future patients so they will want YOU to be their go-to health expert and longterm practitioner you need to...
  •  Make Social Media Posts each week that engage, educate and make you stand out as an expert
  • Create Graphics that catch the readers attention and that are relevant to your expert content:
  •  Write Blogs that not only educate readers about what you do, but is written in a language they understand and in messaging they resonate with.
  •  Create Emails that are both relevant and valuable to your existing patients so YOU stay top of mind and they remember YOU when they have health concerns. They can also refer people to you because they believe in your expertise in many different areas.
  •  Create Videos and content for those videos to grow your audience and that people interact with!
  •  You need to figure out all the tech plus what works and what doesn't which is a HUGE learning curve!
The problem? 
Marketing is WAY too time consuming to do on your own.
What if you could expand your practice and build an expert online presence...without spending thousands of dollars on a social media manager or hundreds of hours doing it yourself?

  •    What would it be like to not feel stress about the OVERWHELM of running a business, managing caseloads and trying to constantly get new patients?
  •    What if you could make a HUGE impact with the work you are doing by reaching more people?
  •   What if you had your online marketing on autopilot?
  •   You might not have to worry about having enough time in the day for everything
  •   You could feel confident that you have systems in place that are helping you grow
  •   You could be reaching the right people that ARE LOOKING for a doctor like you!
Here’s the GOOD news:
Whether you are a clinic manager responsible for marketing, a Physician delegating to reception or elsewhere, a one-man operation, doing it all on your own there is an easier way....

The bad news...unfortunately you will not be successful unless you have a plan that works, that you are consistent with and that is a focus of your practice, which in most cases, doesn't exist.

Here’s why:
Having a Done-For-You marketing package delivered every month takes the pain out of creating content for all your social media, email and brand building channels
I know, because every physician I work with wants this!
The Done-For-You Marketing Program
Delivered just like a great present, ready to be used
Here’s what we’ll create for you (every single month) as soon as you join The Done-For-You Marketing Program…...

Easy to Use

You will receive a members-only login to our website and each month a new package of content will be delivered. All content (current and past months) of your subscription will be there archived for you.
This entire marketing package is designed to make it as easy as possible for you or your staff to get set-up and on auto-pilot!

Instructional Videos

Each section of the monthly package provides easy-to-follow tutorials so there is no guess work, just a straight forward system with great results. 

Research-Backed & Professionally written articles

Professionally researched and copy written articles monthly that you can use to deliver valuable emails and blog content. Content developed specifically for physicians/clinics practicing Naturopathic, Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Video Scripts 

Professionally written video scripts that can be used to engage readers and educate them on timely, seasonal and valuable health information so they can know, like and trust you.

Facebook Posts

Monthly Facebook posts professionally copy written designed strategically to inform, engage, enlighten and empower your followers. Professionally designed graphics and videos included.

Instagram Posts

Monthly Instagram posts sized just right for this platform. Use both Facebook and Instagram to reach thousands of people a day with the content and have an expert social media presence.

Members-only Facebook group

For questions, to engage with peers, a hub for all things digital marketing. Valuable bonus lessons and tips will be shared.

Ongoing Subscription

You will have lifetime access to the private Facebook group, the members-only website and monthly delivery of valuable marketing tools for as long as you maintain your subscription!
Hi! I'm Brandy Kinnear,

I’m a digital marketing strategist and consultant for physicians in integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, and functional medicine, and the founder of Your Ideal Patients.
Over the last twelve years, I’ve worked with doctors in the natural medicine space to help them grow their brand, their practice, and their income.
I’ve used social media, digital strategy, and internet marketing to…
➔ build up a 7-figure practice that enabled the lead physician to simply show up, see patients, and practice the medicine he loved every day.
➔ help clinics turn an additional 6-figure profit (by adding just one simple project to their practice!)
➔ establish new markets and create exponential sales for retail companies in the natural medicine industry.
And now, inside The Done-For-You Monthly Marketing Program, I’m sharing my proven strategies and replicable resources with you—so that you can expand your practice, increase your revenue, and build your business...the simple way.
Here’s why that should matter to you:

I've helped thousands of patients understand what Naturopathic, Functional & Integrative Medicine are and how it can help them. 

I have connected with physicians and patients daily for over 10 years and have a solid understanding of both the physician perspective and the needs of the patients.
I know all too well the work required to keep a successful clinic running and how easy it is to let the marketing fall to the wayside.

I've built up a failing clinic into a massively profitable one when no one knew what Integrative medicine was and with little to no advertising.
I did however use Facebook and email marketing and the results were astounding!

My experience in sales, marketing and business development have allowed me the insight to see a huge deficiency in the Natural Health Industry for a system like this, where with little effort, your marketing can be done and put on autopilot for the month while you continue to focus on your superpowers- healing the masses!

People need your help now, more than ever before and you should have a consistent waiting list of patients eager to see you!
Here's just some of the feedback from 
happy clients using the program:
Most Naturopathic Doctors and Integrative MDs don’t know how to leverage the power of social media to create trust, establish authority, and book new patients
Let's face it, social media, digital marketing and growing your practice can hardly be your focus when you are busy healing!

Even with the best intentions and all the delegating in your office, building your online presence always seems like an afterthought or a bullet on the to-do list.

Stop wasting valuable time trying to go at it alone.

Stop questioning the value of Social Media, it's valuable and there's no denying it!

Don’t blame yourself or your office manager for not having a good online marketing plan, most practices DO NOT KNOW HOW to use online marketing to grow.

Digital Marketing Companies charge $1,500+/month or more to manage your social media and they don't even understand your work or your ideal patients!

You ARE the expert, people want to hear from you and so many people need your help but your online presence doesn't portray that at all!

Are you ready to grow your practice and make a bigger impact...without wasting any more time??
The Done-For-You Monthly Marketing Program is perfect for you!

All in one easy-to-use package, delivered each month!

  •  Position yourself as an expert to your community and get your message across to the right people!
  •  Get more results for more patients that are right for your clinic!
  •  Feel confident about the new patients that are coming to see you because they've got to know you online!
  •  Easily integrate the marketing steps each month that will help exponentially   grow your clinic!
  •  Stop questioning the right way to do your marketing and just get started so it can start working for you!
  •  Leverage the value of the largest communication platform in North America and be part of the doctors leading the Industry growth!
Who is the Done-For-You Monthly Package for?

This done-for-you monthly marketing package is for any clinic trying to grow their multi disciplinary practice, or solo practitioners trying to grow your own brand practicing Integrative, Functional or Naturopathic Medicine. 

  •  Integrative Medical Doctors
  •  Naturopathic Doctors
  •  Functional Medicine Doctors
  •  Nurse Practitioners
  •  Clinic Managers or Admin staff responsible for marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does it take to set up the monthly content?
A:  You can set up the entire month's worth of marketing in about one hour a month.
What if I don't like the content?
A:  The content is professionally researched and written and intended for your audience and specifically for this industry. There is a wide variety of topics, posts and we are very confident that you will like the content! 
What if I want to make changes to the articles? 
A: All of the content including Facebook posts and articles are completely editable. You are welcome to enhance them or change them if you'd like! We call it adding your sizzle! It just takes a few minutes each month to go over the content, make any edits and get that all scheduled!
What if I decide to cancel?
A: We require 30 days notice to avoid billing for the next month for monthly subscriptions. We will not be refunding annual one time payment discounted packages. We know you will love this package and if you do the small amount of work required, you will be successful in growing your brand, sharing your message and increasing your practice.
What if I need more help? 
A:  The members-only private Facebook group will be a great resource for you to pop in, ask questions and get quick responses!
What if I don't know how to use Facebook?
A:  We will teach you everything you need to know! You will be well versed in using Facebook to grow your business in no time!
What if other doctors also buy this and we have the same content?
A:  Not a problem! Firstly we want to grow awareness to Natural Medicine and when people start seeing similar things they will start to get the message! There are so many potential patients for everyone and its extremely rare for a patient to be following multiple doctors in their area and be on multiple email lists. Also, the posts and articles are all editable, you will have choices with images and content so you actually choose when to post what. Do not worry, people will not notice and building your brand needs to start now! 
Can you install all the content for me?
A:  Yes we can! Our team offers a set-up option where we will go into your email account, Facebook page and blog and install and schedule the posts and send out the articles for an additional fee of $100/month. Connect with us if you'd like to add this on as a one time service or an ongoing, we are here to help!
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